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Joint Therapy by Vitality Regenerative MedicineAt Vitality Regenerative Medicine, our goal is to provide reliable, effective treatment options that leave you feeling refreshed and restored. Our stem cell joint therapy is aimed at full functionality, and we strive to address the root cause of any health issue you’re facing. Stem cell joint therapy is an incredible tool that has successfully treated numerous types of joint problems.
When joint cartilage is performing its job correctly, it works to promote smooth movement and protect our bones from friction. However, there are many conditions, such as osteoarthritis and other chronic degenerative disorders, that cause the cartilage in our joints to weaken and deteriorate over time. This corrosion is not only extremely painful, but it also limits function and is a major contributor to disability in the United States. As a way to combat these debilitating conditions, Vitality Regenerative Medicine is pleased to offer stem cell joint therapy as a permanent solution for pain. Through stem cell injections, we can offer our Duluth or greater Atlanta area patients this minimally invasive therapy as an alternative to surgery or heavy medications.

How Stem Cell Therapy Treats Joint Pain

Stem cell therapy for joints is here to tackle the healthcare needs of the 21st century. Stem cells are a special type of cell that have the keen ability to multiply and self-renew. As the building blocks of the body, stem cells help construct the immune system, organs, blood, and tissues. They also hold the capacity to replenish lost or dying cells. When properly utilized, stem cells possess the ability to replicate into cells that are capable of serving numerous specialized functions in various parts of the body. When a new function is established, we can control this process and executively decide which cell type this stem cell will become. By carrying out this procedure, we can cultivate new cells that work to rejuvenate or replace damaged tissue completely. Stem cell therapy for joints is an innovative injection process that works by:

  • Transforming cells into fundamental cartilage cells
  • Preventing inflammation associated with chronic joint pain
  • Producing proteins that work to slow cartilage degeneration

At Vitality Regenerative Medicine, we want to help our patients achieve lasting relief through a therapy that continues to effectively treat a plethora of conditions.

Joint Pain relief Therapy by Vitality Regenerative Medicine

Our Stem Cell joint therapy has proven reliable in treating various parts of the body, including:

  • Knees
  • Hips
  • Shoulders
  • Feet
  • Ankles
  • Wrists

Our skilled team will collect cells from your bone marrow, fat, or use donor cells and give the specialized cells a particular function. After this function is established, our treatment team will then inject the cells directly into your joint. These injections enhance the natural healing process by creating a biological reaction that makes the environment in a person’s joints healthier. This progression staves off inflammation and increases the capacity for tissue repair and ligament healing.

Is Stem Cell Therapy for Joints Right for You?

Many treatment options only work to mask symptoms or temporarily improve conditions. Medication, invasive surgery, or other methods that leave a string of side effects and do nothing to promote long-term healing. If you’re looking for a solution to chronic joint pain that diverges from traditional treatment methods, stem cell joint therapy is here for you. At Vitality Regenerative Medicine, we understand that to achieve lasting health results, the root of your symptoms must be addressed. If you live in Duluth, or the greater Metro Atlanta area and are interested in our cutting-edge stem cell therapy solutions, reach out to our professional team today!

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