Stem Cell Tourism for Neurological Diseases in Duluth, GA 


Vitality Regenerative Medicine wants to help you live with diabetes, and Stem Cell therapy treatment for diabetes potentially helps Duluth, GA residents accomplish that task. Diabetes is a destructive, life-long disease, and patients who suffer from it search for relief. We believe in the promising studies that have shown Stem Cell therapy treatments might have a positive impact on the lives of those who have both Diabetes I and II. Our Stem Cell therapy treatment facility is located in Pereira, Colombia, in South America, where we can perform Stem Cell  therapy. To learn more about diabetes and how Stem Cell therapy potentially alleviates its symptoms, read on. 

Stem Cell Therapy’s Potential Effects on Diabetes 

The self-destruction of pancreatic beta cells causes diabetes mellitus type I. It is currently incurable and is genetic. Patients who have type 1 diabetes must change their diets and lifestyles. Maintaining their health can grow prohibitively expensive due to the cost of insulin in the United States. Diabetes type II, on the other hand, features a chronic, low-grade inflammation, which causes beta-cell dysfunction and insulin resistance. That’s where Stem Cell therapy come in. Clinical studies support a potential link between Stem Cell treatments and a decrease in glycemia, glycosylated hemoglobin, c-peptide, beta-cell function, and other common diabetes complications. Clinical studies at numerous medical institutions are underway. In the meantime, Stem Cell  therapies are an alternative for patients willing to travel to Pereira, Colombia for treatment that might make a difference. 

Patients willing to give Stem Cell  therapy for diabetes a try can look forward to a host of benefits that can make monumental changes in their lives. Successful treatments can lead to possible reversals or lessening of the negative symptoms and byproducts of both diabetes I and II. For instance: 

  • Patients with reduced pancreatic symptoms can expect a reduced need for insulin. 
  • Scientists have closely linked diabetes with mood swings and depression, so patients with improved conditions can experience improvement in psychological symptoms. 

How to Travel to Pereira, Colombia for Your Appointment 

While Stem Cell therapies are highly-restricted in the United States, they aren’t in Colombia, which makes the beautiful country a welcoming location to perform treatments in a state-of-the-art facility. Our laboratory is located near one of Colombia’s largest airports and within driving distance of several smaller airports. To begin, you’ll need to contact us by calling our office or using our online form. Before you schedule an appointment and start making travel plans, be sure to ensure your passport is up to date. As for travel arrangements, there are numerous airports in Colombia, but we recommend Matecaña International Airport because it is the closest to our laboratory. Patients who want to spend less on travel can utilize other airports, including one located in Cali, Colombia. Travel from Miami to Matecaña International airport is restricted only to Tuesday, Thursday, or Sunday. The Cali, Colombia airport features no such restrictions. Our team can help you plan your trip during your consultation and scheduling call.  

Contact Us to Schedule an Appointment in Pereira, Colombia  

We supply potential medical solutions to those who have exhausted the options traditional medicine has provided. Vitality Regenerative Medicine’s commitment to cutting-edge medical technology means we can give our patients possible solutions to problems that have eluded them. Medical treatment should be comprehensive and open-minded. We apply these principles at our Pereira, Colombia location in South America, but our Duluth, GA locations are guided by innovation as well. Normalcy shouldn’t be a foreign or unattainable concept. Instead, our experienced doctors work to incorporate emerging medical treatments that can unlock your potential and improve your life. Contact Vitality Regenerative Medicine today to schedule an appointment at one of our three state-of-the-art locations. 


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