Stem Cell Therapy for Autism in Duluth, GA 

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Vitality Regenerative Medicine believes in treating the source of debilitating illnesses with state-of-the-art technology and years of medical experience. We understand the challenges posed to those who have autism, and we want to offer an option for potential relief. Stem Cell medical therapy for autism for Duluth, GA patients can alleviate autism symptoms. We have a laboratory in Pereira, Colombia, where we perform our clinical trials in a professional environment. Vitality Regeneration Medicine doesn’t want to constrain its patients with regulations. Make an appointment today, and receive treatment from a qualified medical doctor. 

What is Autism and How Does it Manifest Itself? 

Autism is a developmental disorder first diagnosed sometime in the first two years of life. The symptoms can range from mild to severe, which is why doctors refer to it as a spectrum disorder. No two autistic individuals are the same. Some experience mild symptoms, including challenges communicating with others, while other sufferers are entirely non-verbal. While autism poses plenty of challenges, adults can learn to live with and overcome the symptoms, which might include: 

  • The inability to hold eye contact with others 
  • A tendency not to look at or listen to people 
  • Rarely sharing in the enjoyment of objects or activities 
  • Slowness in responding to their name 
  • Trouble conversing with other adults 
  • Facial expressions inconsistent with what they are saying aloud 
  • Difficulty comprehending other points of view 
  • Inability to handle changes of routine 
  • Sensory input problems 


What Are the Potential Causes of Autism, and Is There Treatment? 

Unfortunately, despite years of research, scientists still don’t know the cause of autism. There’s ample research that suggests a few reasons for the illness. They include genetic predispositions, other genetic disorders – like Down syndrome, fragile x syndrome, or Rett syndrome – and low birth weight. Treatment options for autism are mostly limited to therapeutic and occupational care. However, Vitality Regenerative Medicine offers a potential solution in Stem Cell medical treatment. We’ll go into that in more detail next. 

How Does Stem Cell Therapy Work? 

Stem Cell therapy treatment is not new, but its efficacy in helping people living with autism is growing. Some studies have shown improvement in some of the symptoms of autism following Stem Cell therapy treatment. Currently, Duke University is conducting a double-blind study that should shed more light on the procedure. For now, we can speak to our belief in some of the results we’ve gotten from Stem Cell therapy for autism. Duluth, GA residents can expect our facility to use Stem Cell therapy from compatible umbilical cords to deliver the Stem Cell therapy treatment. If the process works, it will address the brain-related causes of autism.  

How to Get to Our Pereira, Colombia Laboratory 

Stem Cell therapy  treatment is still restricted in the United States but isn’t in Colombia. We have a state-of-the-art laboratory in Pereira, Colombia filled with a talented and committed staff for our Stem Cell tourism treatments. The first step is making an appointment to visit Colombia. You’ll need a current passport and a flight. There are thousands of airports in Colombia, but we suggest flying into Matecaña International Airport, which is the closest to our lab. There are direct flights to Matecaña International Airport from Miami. You can also fly into Cali, Colombia, which is two and a half hours from our lab. However, it is far cheaper to fly here, and there are more direct flights. We can help you plan your trip when you schedule an appointment with our staff.  

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Vitality Regenerative Medicine believes in supplying high-quality, high-tech medical solutions to our patients. Stem Cell therapy tourism treatment is only one aspect of our thriving medical practice. We’re well-known throughout Roswell and Duluth, GA for our contributions to the medical community in fields as broad as Stem Cell therapy  treatment for joint therapy, wound healing, and neuropathy. Our medical practitioners have years of experience and are committed to remaining up-to-date on emerging technologies and procedures that might help our patients. We can help autistic patients find normalcy, diabetes I and II patients discover renewed health, and those with heart failure gain a new lease on life. Contact Vitality Regenerative Medicine today to schedule an appointment at our Duluth, GA offices, or our Pereira, Colombia laboratory. 

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